Useful ICT Links

Here are a few sites that I have found useful, or have had suggested to me. If you have any that you’d like to share then please feel free to add them in a comment below.

Communities or groups

Maths Stats ICT Community

NZ Maths & Statistics ICT Community – a VLN group for Maths teachers using ICT in their teaching – resources, bookmarks, discussion

e-Learning in Primary Mathematics – a VLN group to support Primary teachers using e-learning in their maths programmes

General Maths education

cooltoolsforschools – extensive list of web2.0 resources and tools for using ICT in the classroom.

Nayland Mathematics – a goldmine of resources and useful links

nrich – rich mathematics tasks

ICT across the curriculum – list of useful Maths resources: advice, powerpoints, virtual manipulatives, IWB resources

Collections of virtual manipulatives / math interactives

WisWeb – collection of videos and interactives

IMCThe Interactive Mathematics Classroom – some links are dead, but there are still very worthwhile interactives here. Happy fishing!

AnnenbergLearner Annenberg Learner




My bucket in the Pond – a collection of Virtual Manipulative libraries

PHET Simulations – HTML5 and Java applets from the University of Colorado.

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