Leading A Not-Yet-Digital School

This week I have the privilege of attending the Leading A Digital School conference in Melbourne, Australia. It’s run by iwbNet and so far – after the first day of three – it’s pretty good.


My main reasons for going are for the leadership, change management and policy development stuff. Today has already been brilliant for those areas of focus. A case study of a school’s journey into BYOD (Bring Your Own Device – although all these Aussies keep calling it BYOT); a plenary presentation from the former Director of Instructional Technology from a successful U.S. school district; networking over lunch with new friends sharing experiences and ideas; sharing policies for BYOD implementation & digital citizenship… My brain’s a little overloaded!

This quote from Jill Hopkins‘ plenary session really hit me:

“Every school in the world is already a BYOT school. It’s just a question of whether they’re willing to admit it, and what they do with it.”

I know the future is BYOD, and the future is beautiful. But for those of us still in the transition phase, how do we support teachers and students when BYOD is not yet fully implemented? Every school is already a BYOD school, and that includes us. Eventually, we will have the digital citizenship and BYOD policies in place and teachers trained. In the meantime, the challenge is to facilitate effective learning, taking advantage of the BYOD devices that are already in (some of) our students’ pockets, safely and responsibly. I would truly welcome your ideas and resources! Please share in the comments below so others in our position can benefit too. 

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